A puppet show for young and old!

The Magic Boat is a Web-Series created by Tyler Scott Culligan. Its not as zany as your typical kids material, and we think that’s for good reason. With slower pacing and more relatable situations children are allowed time to grow along with the characters.

Whether you find them in your local park or watch them in videos, your friends aboard The Magic Boat always have a story to tell. You’re invited to the dinner table; a safe place with real friends, real struggles and real laughs.

The show takes place aboard a magical boat who has a mind of her own. The writers and creators of the show take just as much care with their wholesome, positive voice as they do with their puppets and hand-crafted special effects. The Magic Boat’s quality content is low-stimulus, but still engaging and accessible for all ages. Every character is authentically engineered to foster positive interactions and genuine dialogue.

The live shows are equally as charming and witty. They are usually a delightful mix of madcap, educational and heartfelt with an all-audience dance party as the cherry on top! The crew continues performing in parks and other venues in Chicago. Look for a live show in your area, or feel free to contact us if you’d like a visit.

Check out our videos and see what this boat is all about!


Colorphony Creations

The Magic Boat is a production of Colorphony Creations: as an initiative to encourage healthy growth of the imagination and self-image through love.

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One mission of The Magic Boat is to provide free, quality, content for youth all over the globe. We achieve this goal solely by the financial support of viewers like you! To donate, please click the link above, and if you’re interested in a partnership, please email us.

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